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Hello everyone, once a friend told me that my photos speak for themselves, so I hope you find your way and take your time to submerge into them. Another time, during a recruitment process, one asked me, what word defines me; as I have too many interests, it seemed at first a rather hard question... however, the various interests carried in themselves the answer, to which I synthesized: multiplicity.

I have worked as an economist, philosopher, musician, videographer, cook, and, of course, photographer. I have studied also many things and always constantly learning more, for this reason, I also work as a scientist with research.

In the photographic sense, I am always keen to explore new ideas, techniques, learn more about photography, but also people and places. Although digital photography has become incredible and enabled us, photographers, to explore many new creative frontiers, I often come back to analogue photography as the pace, technique, and, especially, aesthetic will always remain one of a kind.

Photography is for me, first and foremost, a passion, insofar it must be crafted and nourished, one does not take a photo, he/she makes it.



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